How can I get more credit?

You will be rewarded for all new members who joined our community and made their purchase thanks to you. The best way to get credit? Spread the word about the amazing selection we put together and invite your friends to join us by sharing the unique link we have created for you.

  • Invite your friends by email: go to your Account page; from the “Invite Friends” section, click “Share Now”. From there, you can choose the list of friends you wish to invite and send them the invitation message; your friends will receive and email from you, with your personalized link;
  • Invite your friends through Facebook:

In both cases, as your friends click on the link you shared with them, their email addresses will be added to the “Invite tracking list” in your account. From there, you can see at any time who has joined Leflair as a member, who granted you credit by making a purchase, or who has not joined yet.

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