Delivery Policy

Leflair always aims to provide the best shipping service for all orders that you place with us. After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will conduct a verification process and update you as soon as possible by email and call. We support delivery nationwide policy as follows:

1. Home delivery Fee:

Please follow the fee chart as below:

- If order was processed by credit card and account credit, Leflair will not charge any shipping fee;
- For orders processed by cash or cash together with account credit on delivery, Leflair will charge a shipping fee of VND 25,000.

2. Delivery time:

Leflair will ship as our agreement when you perform a full range of ordering procedures. Shipping time normally take at least 2-7 business days ( excluding Sunday and Holidays ).

Shipping Address

Delivery Time

Within Ho Chi Minh city

2-7 working days

Outside Ho Chi Minh City

2-8 working days

Within Hanoi

2-8 working days

Outside Hanoi

2-8 working days

In case you choose to pay by credit card, order processing time will be counted when Leflair receives a completed payment from customers. Please note that Leflair reserves the right to change the delivery time without notice in the case affected by a natural disaster or other special events.

Your order will be delivered in 2 times maximum (first case delivery fails), there will be staff to contact to schedule a delivery second time with you. We will try to contact in next 2 working days (via SMS or direct call ), in the case still can not reconnect or don’t receive any feedback from you, the order will be no longer valid.

If after two unsuccessful delivery times, your order will be held at the Center of Leflair delivery office or courier company in the next 24 hours for customers to collect - shipping fee (if any) in this case you still have to pay as total price showed on receipt. Over the time frame above, the order will not be valid.

To check the information or status of your orders, please use the order code has been sent in your confirmation letter and check with Customer Care department.

When goods are delivered to you, please complete your payment and sign the payment confirmation with delivery staff, then please check if the product has any fault or defect. Please keep marginal transported to check

3. Return Policy:

Leflair support customer returns a product without any charge within 30 days of receipt of goods. To know more about Leflair delivery,  please visit Return Policy.


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